GDPR Privacy Policy

We take the responsibility to protect your personal data very seriously, and respect your privacy and right to control your personal data. With that in mind, we wish to notify you that we collect, store and process personal information in order to run our courses. Information about you might include contact details, as well as information about your age, health (mental and physical), sexuality, domestic and financial arrangements and other special category data. As per GDPR regulations, we are permitted to collect this information on the legal basis of ‘Legitimate interests’.

Your information is stored anonymously, under lock and key, and/or is encrypted and password protected. We use this information to learn something about you and assess the level of support you will require during the training. 

With regard to how any information is used, you have the right to: have information about you deleted, have inaccuracies corrected and to access information about you free of charge within one month. You have the right to determine how information about you is processed and not to receive unsolicited marketing, and while I hope that in the first instance you would attempt to discuss any issues with me, you retain the right to complain if you are unhappy about any of the above by contacting the Information Commissioners Office here: